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We offer satellite communications and support to give you high-quality data and voice services all over Nigeria, Africa and the World. Whether you are on land, on water or in the sky, we have a solution for you.


Our satellite connections will delivery high speed Internet access directly to your business. You will be completely independent form any infrastructure. Your business will be connected directly to the satellite. Independent, reliable, fast and available everywhere are the key words to describe our satellite Internet connections.

  • Manage your speed and volume
  • Reliable and high availability
  • Ka-band, L-band, C-band , Ku-band
  • Speed of up to 1 Gbps
  • Attractive pricing for your business applications



Why you need reliable internet service

Unreliable internet service is the worst thing that can ever happen in this age. Most of our daily activities are done and stored on the internet. Once you have access to a reliable internet service, it makes life in general a lot more easier. Dependable web implies that you’re ready to comply with any relevant time constraints varying. You don’t need to battle to keep your data transfer capacity high and won’t need to stress over a cut off time cruising you by. … The solid, dependable home web offers you this and the sky is the limit from there. Poor associations or shared associations can frequently put you in danger.


Watch Netflix

Netflix streaming with our internet is fast and enjoyable. There is no buffering. TimeGap provides provides a rich video streaming experience

Fast Business

TimeGap Increases productivity of your business. We are availabe 24/7 to respond to each and everyone of your internet needs.

Live Stream

Stream your favorite YouTube videos without it buffering, all at an affordable price.

Online Gaming

Play your favorite online video game without having any internet downtime.