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tGap HotelMAN

tGap HotelMAN is a hospitality software designed for full services of hotel, luxury inns and resorts. It emphasizes the highest level of individual guest services through our comprehensive features. This hotel management software consist of integrated modules for various aspects of hotel management. And it can be on eighter Online Cloud Hosting or LocalHost.

It has more services such as Event/Hall Management, Car Rental Services, Staff Management, SPA Services, Park Services.


Guest Management
tGap HotelMAN makes it easy to keep all information about your guests tidy and easily accessible at any time and place. Use the search box to quickly find a person, company, bookings, invoice, and more.

Room Management
This allows room allocation to guests according to their standard preferences such as room type or you can add a custom preference which is unique to your hotel making it easy for you to identify.

Managing your hotel requires quick access to information. As owners or managers, you want to know exactly how your business is running. With the reports that tGap HotelMAN offers, you’ll see what you need when you need it.

Restaurant Management
tGap HotelMAN ensures that the restaurant operates efficiently and profitably. It coordinate a variety of activities whatever the size of outlet.

Bar Management
tGap HotelMAN helps by saving time and money,keeping the bar organized and tracks everything.

Laundry Management
Manage guest’s laundry request and charge it directly to the room folio or charge separately for non-resident guests.

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