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IT Consultant

We organize free ICT seminars and workshop programs for CORPS Members, Graduates and Under- Graduates. We also work as an ICT Consultancy firm, where we direct clients on different ICT steps to achieve great heights in their establishments.



Time Gap has a wide spread network of ICT professionals with various fields of expertise. One of our core values is "if we can't do IT , we will show you who can" . We are able to work with you on any ICT related project or at least point you in the right direction.

This has made Time Gap Limited become over the years the one stop shop for clients' varying ICT needs. In as much as we are THE EXPERTS in many areas of ICT, we do not know it all. Time Gap Limited has created network of ICT professionals to augment our in-house resources and ensure that the client has it all .

We have a vast base of professionals specialised in different applications and development, we are able to give our clients a more well rounded end to end solution. Development of software is one our primary activity. We offer both out of the box packages to be adjusted/modified and implemented to suit particular customer and on-demand development services. Our main domain are databases and related applications as information systems, portals and web applications.

We are also experienced with on-line publishing systems such as CMS (content management), e-business applications, e-shops, directory and intranet information systems.
We are aware and follow the best software engineering practices that suits the project needs.

Time Gap will help you in anything ICT.


Our Technology and IT Consultancy includes:-

  • Helping you decide the best IT solutions for your business
  • Current business state assesment
  • Interactive workshops to understand your business goals
  • Project management and deployment
  • Constant observation of business milestones
  • Cost estimation for IT systems
  • System Implementation and Integration
  • Resource management and evaluation